Adriana Febles Rodríguez

Adriana Febles Rodríguez

Research Engineer at Gradiant


Adriana Febles Rodríguez got her Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Technological University of Havana in 2020, with her Final Project focusing on the study and configuration of transport networks technologies, mainly the Optical Transport Networks. After some months working in the mobile network sector, she began the studies for the Master's Degree in Information and Communications Technology Research in the University of Valladolid. During her master's studies, she joined the Data Engineering Unit group, where she participated in the study of predictive maintenance based on Deep Learning techniques. In 2022 she joined the Advanced Communication Department of Gradiant and presented her MSc. project thesis which aimed to accelerate an artificial intelligence model on a System on Chip equipped with an FPGA. Currently, as part of her work in Gradiant she contributes to projects involving video analytics, AI networks on FPGA and mobile communications.

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